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5 Great Reasons to Trek Langtang Valley

5 Great Reasons to Trek Langtang Valley

Langtang the Himalayas region north to the Kathmandu valley bordering Tibet. Langtang is the home for endangered red pandas, rhesus monkey, Himalayan black bear and more. The sacred Gosaikunda Lake dedicated to Hindus and Kyanjin Gompa a Buddhist monastery are the pilgrimage sites there.

Towering Langtang Lirung (7,234m.) is the highest peak and is accompanied by next seven thousand Langtang Ri (7,205m.) and several six thousand including Dorje Lakpa (6,996m.) and the popular climbing peak Yala (5,520m.). Amazing Tamang culture which is more similar to Tibetan culture, the locals are extremely friendly and welcome trekkers with a big smile.

Langtang Valley is actually the third best trekking region after the mesmerising Everest and wonderful Annapurna region.  This amazing valley was hugely affected by the massive earthquake in 2015, which caused estimated 310 deaths, where more than 100 bodies were never recovered. After that disastrous moment, the flow of tourists there are slightly low, the reasons may be, people think it is not safe to trek, questions regarding the teahouses and more. Let us clear, the route has reopened and teahouses available too.

There are plenty reasons to travel Langtang valley now. Here we talking about the top five reasons to travel Langtang.

1. The mountains views and the blooming rhododendron: – Spring (March-May) is one of the best trekking seasons in Nepal. The clear weather offers the stunning views of snowcapped mountains. As this is spring the rhododendron blooms in rainbow colour, which is absolutely mind blowing. Walking through the dense rhododendron forest and a hide and seek with snow mountains makes the trek a complete one.

2. The friendly locals and their heartwarming welcome: – Nepal, the land of wonderful people. The friendly locals and their heartwarming welcome are another great reason to trek Langtang valley.  Give a smile you will get a wonderful response instantly. You can walk around the local villages and can see the local cultures and their typical living style.

3. Gosaikunda Lake and Kyanjin Gompa: – Two of the pilgrimage sites in Langtang. First Gosaikunda Lake is a sacred lake dedicated to Hindus. The Lake is situated at the elevation of 4,380m. from the sea level. Next Kyanjin Gompa monastery of Buddhist which is believed to be at least 400 years old.  Enjoy exploring amazing places.

4. The local foods (Dal Bhat to Yak Cheese): – Travelling foreign land is always wonderful and learning the cultures and trying the local food is always an amazing experience. “Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”. Try Dal Bhat (Rice and curry) which served with several items together, might be little spicy but it is always worthwhile trying. Do not worry practising will lead you to perfection. At the end, you will like and love Dal Bhat. Trying fresh Yak cheese and Yak curd add more taste. Enjoy the local foods.

5.  A helping hand for rebuilding: Langtang is the most affected trekking region during the earthquake. The valley was completely swiped away my massive avalanche followed by the earthquake. The life in the Himalayas is always difficult and the disastrous earthquake has added more misery to the woes. The life has become even harder after that moment and trekking Langtang will be a massive help, where the locals will get a job and can collect to rebuild their sweet home and wonderful valley again. So, we highly request you trek Langtang and give a hand to rebuilding because we know, “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.

We request you to travel Langtang now. Enjoy the mesmerising mountain views, taste the delicious local foods and same time gives a hand to rebuild.  

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