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Wondering about where is Bhutan? And what is Bhutan. Kingdom of Bhutan is a South Asian country which is a culture rich country.  It is one of the few must visit places in the world. Bhutan travelling is one the best adventure travel to explore the amazing culture of Bhutan and to touch the mighty Himalayas of this beautiful country. Most of the people of Bhutan are Buddhist and Hindus who follows the Buddhism and Hinduism. Attraction of Bhutan travel is its culture and tradition. In Bhutan traditional most of the architecture traditional which are made of woods and nails. Every adventure lovers who loves traveling wants travel to Bhutan.
As this Bhutan is a gem and much loved among the travelers. There are some enthusiasm about traveling in Bhutan. In fact one should have to have at least ideas of like; how to travel Bhutan? What is the cost for Bhutan tour? And here comes your answer, Bhutan tour can be done directly with Bhutan Travel agencies in Bhutan. And one who wants to do Bhutan Adventure Tours from Nepal can choose Visit Heaven Treks as Bhutan Travel and Tours. Visit Heaven Treks have sufficient knowledge of Bhutan vacations and provides the best Bhutan travel information on best way. In regards of Bhutan tour cost; travelers must spend 250 US dollars a day for Bhutan adventure tours.
Visit Heaven Treks is one of the Bhutan Tours operator from Nepal offers traveler friendly trips to Bhutan. Traveler who wants a luxury travel to Bhutan and do some adventure vacations in Bhutan can remember Visit Heaven Treks. Bhutan tours could be slightly expensive for budget travelers who wants to travel Bhutan and make a budget trip.
Visit Heaven treks is Bhutan tour operators in Nepal which offers Bhutan vacation packages. With us one can experience best Bhutan travel and makes Bhutan traveling best trips to Bhutan.

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