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Five Reasons to Travel Nepal after Earthquake

Five Reasons to Travel Nepal after Earthquake

Nepal is a wonderful nation packed with cultural and natural wonders. The country of mighty Himalayas including Mount Everest, land where Lord Buddha was born and home for several ethnic groups. Nepal is in fact 8th wonder of the world and it is said that one should travel Nepal once in their lifetime. 

The diverse culture and the natural wonders makes Nepal an outstanding tourist destination. People here are as wonderful as the nature and their respective cultures.  With these prospects thousands of travelers makes Nepal number one travelling destination every year and the tourism is playing vital role in Nepal economy too. After the devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015, which killed 8,000, left thousands more injured, likewise made thousands more homeless. It was a terrifying moment which push people literally to unconsciousness. People lost their loved one, their home and almost everything but they do not lost their hopes. As, the time passed things are coming back into normal again. People are back in their daily schedules and travelling Nepal is safe again after the earthquake. 

Many travelers who planned travelling Nepal before earthquake has changed their travel plan and worrying to travel till this date with hesitations mixed worries. For those who cancelled their Nepal travel after the earthquake and those who are planning to Nepal can visit this wonderland without any doubt now. Nepal is safe to travel after earthquake. Precisely, this Himalayan country needs you more than before to get back on its feet.  Those who are hesitating to come Nepal post-earthquake, we appeal them come Nepal, visit Nepal and help rebuilding Nepal.

Here, we have listed the perfect five reasons why you should travel Nepal after earthquake. 

1.    Perfect destination for mountains and nature lover: Home of eight of ten highest mountain in the world including Mount Everest, Nepal is the perfect destination for mountains and nature lovers. The mighty Himalayas and the diverse natural conditions ticks Nepal as number one travelling destinations among the tourists.

 Nepal offers varieties of options for adventure lovers who either want to trek into the Himalayan base camp or dream of conquering them via mountaineering. Without any hesitation it is the perfect destination for nature and mountain lovers.

. Trekking in Nepal


2.    Exploration of cultures: Nepal collects varieties of culture, as there are several ethnic groups, they follows their own cultures, have their own traditions and lives with own living style.  The way they inherited their cultures and the way people living with their society is something to see and to explore itself.

Visit Nepal, meet the ever smiling locals and probably the friendliest people in the world makes you feel like you are in your home. 

3.    Only less has affected from earthquake: With that massive shake it is being believed that Nepal is almost damaged and everything here is gone but the situation was not that and it is not too. Only 18 out of 75 districts were affected and more importantly Langtang route was most affected route which has reopened again. Affected Manaslu route is reopened and other trekking routes are hardly affected so, come Nepal, visit Nepal and know the reality yourself, because “seeing is believing”.

4.    Give your hand on rebuilding: Travelling Nepal after the earthquake will not be just an adventure. It will be a great support for rebuilding the earthquake hit nation. Single may not make difference but many singles definitely so, travel Nepal and help this wonderland reconstructing again. 

5.    Nepal needs you: Tourism plays huge role in Nepal economy. It is one of the main source of economy. After the devastating shake, the numbers of tourism is less, which is indirectly effecting the reconstruction process. The bigger travelers number, the higher and easier rebuilding. So, visit Nepal, explore Nepal, enjoy wonderful trip and same time help this nation rebuilding again.

Beauties of Nepal

Come Nepal, visit Nepal and get know yourself why “NEPAL” means:
N: Never 
E: Ending
P: Peace 
A: And 
L: Love


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